Your data is very important to us!

That is why we have extra care in the way we handle them.

The responsibility of the data is exclusively of the user who registered it, NKA - New Knowledge Advice platforms are only a repository for the data, offering control and analytic tools. We do not manage, handle nor control the data registered, except by the user’s request.

We do not access the data without the users request and that request must be only for support and problem resolution only.

We do not sell, provide or give any (even partial) data and information registered in the platform, except to the legal entities if requested by a court warrant.

ATTENTION! NKA - New Knowledge Advice is allowed to verify if the information registered by the users is complying with the terms and conditions rules, any material (files, documents or comments) shared by the school, students and teachers, that has been marked as inappropriate or if we have any written complaint.


We backup our databases daily. These backups are saved and secure in our facilities.

We can send the user his personal data backup in XML format when requested.

Closing your account

By closing the account the user information and data will be deleted after we send him a personal backup in xml format.

ATTENTION! Only the data needed to preserve the students and teachers training history in their own platform, won't be deleted (in NkaAcademies Software).


We will use cookies in order to manage some environment variables, they will be deleted when you logout or close the browser.

This cookies doesn’t track the site usage nor are used for publicity and commercial intentions.

Please activate the cookie creation in your browser because the platform won't work otherwise. If you have any questions please contact us. (

If you have any questions about any of this rules, please contact us before signing up in the platform. You can use our direct phone (+351 253 278 646 or email We will do our best to reply as soon as possible.